Expatriate to Cambodia : budget and costs

Insights and breakthrough of costs ?

The cost of living in any country dictates the budget that would be required to live a pleasant lifestyle. The higher the cost of living, the more the budget needed to maintain a lifestyle of one’s own choice and liking. In this article, we would be taking a deep dive into the cost of living in the country of Cambodia and the subsequent budget required to explore and experience the different facets of the Cambodian life.

What exactly doest cost of living mean ?

What exactly does the cost of living mean? Well in simple terms it is the cost of sustaining a specific standard (level) of living. There are many factors that determine the cost of living in a certain place of the world which mainly include basic expenses such as food, healthcare, housing, taxes, transportation, clothing, etc.

How much costs to move to Cambodia ?

Expatriate perspective on cost of living

One of the many reasons Cambodia has become a very popular destination for both tourists and expatriates alike is its relatively low cost of living when compared to other countries of the region. In the region of Southeast Asia, Cambodia presents one of the, if not the, lowest costs of living. This makes it a very attractive option for retired individuals who live on a fixed pension or social security and there are many such expatriates who have already taken the plunge and relocated to Cambodia. This is mainly due to the affordability of a good life that the country provides. If we talk in terms of numbers, many expatriates live a comfortable lifestyle in Cambodia with an average income of 1500 U.S. dollars. If the monthly cost of living of the expatriates is calculated it usually ranges from 1000 to 2500 U.S. dollars. This relatively low cost of living makes Cambodia a mouth-watering proposition for families with lower incomes to move overseas and take pleasure of great luxury.

ACCOMMODATION : housing in Cambodia

Accommodation accounts for a major chunk of the expenses in Cambodia. In places like Phnom Penh, Sihanoukville, Siem Reap rentals can be found for a cost as low as 250$. This rental in most cases usually consists of a single bedroom apartment in a pleasant area. Whereas in Phnom Penh which is the capital city of the country a well-furnished and well-appointed apartment can be found for a price as low as 355 U.S. dollars. If we equate the cost of accommodation with the quality of it, the accommodation is truly very cheap and affordable.

UTILITIES : buying goods in Cambodia

The cost of utilities will obviously depend upon the specific usage of different individuals. If one likes to enjoy the cold comfort of air conditioning, the expenditure on utilities will be higher than of that who is happy to just use a fan. Either way, the total cost of utilities usually doesn’t exceed the upper limit of 100 U.S. dollars. This cost includes the cumulative bills of electricity, water, garbage, and Pay TV.
Life in Cambodia, Phnom Penh

EDUCATION : school costs for expatriate families

The expenditure on education is modest. The constitution of the country makes it mandatory for primary and secondary public-school education to be free. At least 9 years of education is absolutely free for everyone who chooses to attend public schools.

INTERNET and related budget

If we are being honest, no one in the present age can really survive without a decent internet connection and guess what the internet connectivity also doesn’t lighten your pockets that much in Cambodia. People in Cambodia pay as little as 7$ to 10$ to their mobile and internet operators for unlimited usage of messages, calls, and the internet. The international calls are also pretty cheap with one call costing approximately less than 5 cents per minute.

HOUSEKEEPING : how much it costs to have a maid ?

Many people in their country of origin can’t afford to hire a maid to help them with their household chores. In Cambodia, if someone wishes to hire someone to do the dirty work, they can do so at a very acceptable rate. The primary duties that a maid in Cambodia is expected to perform are washing the clothes, cleaning and, tidying up the house. If the house help visits once a week, they usually charge 28 to 35 dollars a month. However, if someone needs the visit to be more frequent, then the total amount at the end of the month usually amounts up to 50$. This is in no doubt well worth the investment for individuals who have worked all their lives and would now like to spend their time in more pleasurable pursuits.

Other costs to consider while moving to Cambodia

Become an expatriate for job opportunities or to get retired ?

Health treatments and expatriate insurance

Not only is healthcare very affordable in contrast to the United States, but it is also of very high quality. The hospitals and clinics in Cambodia are of the highest standard. State of the art facilities and treatment is provided in these setups and physicians, surgeons, and technicians of the highest caliber are employed to supervise it. A cost cut of around about 70% is available to patients for similar procedures to what they will have to pay in the United States.

Food in Cambodia

The choice of food available to Cambodian citizens is very diverse and the prices of different food items correspond to that. If one’s looking to save and not spend much on food, then meals can be had for as low as a few dollars. If we strictly stick to expatriates then many of them find it more comfortable to go eat outside than cook inside their own homes. A delicious meal can be enjoyed for prices as surprisingly low as 5 to 8$ and this is true whether be it breakfast, lunch or dinner. However, if someone wants to really indulge themselves at a fancy five-star restaurant then the consumer can be set back a total of 40 to 50$.

Finding groceries and imported products

Groceries are significantly cheaper than the rest of the world. The main factor that this can be attributed to is the fact that products remain plentiful in the local markets as well as the supermarkets. All in all, the overall cost of living in Cambodia is not massively expensive and anyone looking to visit the country or looking to move there on a permanent basis will surely find out that it is much cheaper than a lot of other localities in the world.